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Welcome. Jennifer and Jay Saucier are a husband and wife team . Jennifer is from Ithaca New York and graduated with a business degree from Tulane University in New Orleans where she met Jay in 1986. Jennifer does training and consultation for day spas. She teaches classes in body wraps and spray tanning. Jay is from New Orleans and worked as an artist and film actor for over 20 years. Jay heads up the Permanent cosmetics training department offering classes to students from all over the U.S. and abroad. He and Jennifer offer on location spa consultation and training. Together they have developed Coastal Day Spa, Chief-Tan Spray tanning supply company and Goodspa Day Spa supply company.

The team includes massage therapist Laura Pierce who does massage and body treatments such as steam, mud, aromatherapy, cellulite therapy and body wraps. Annie Ashenfelter is a highly accredited therapist who makes Coastal Day Spa her home. There are also several other therapists on call. Esthetician Julie Lee does all of the waxing, facials, microdermabrasion and glycolic facials. Our Hair stylist is Debbie Benton with over 25 years of experience in styling, perming and coloring all types of hair.

The Mineral Inchloss Body Wrap.

The mineral body wrap which has previously been a "secret to the stars" is now available and affordable for everyone!

This is not a dehydration wrap and the inches will stay off as long as you don't gain weight and come in once or twice a year for maintenance wraps. The Inch loss can last months, even years, depending on how you treat your body..

Come let us pamper you and help you reduce in size in just an hour. One of our professional wrap technicians will measure you and record the specific information on your client card. You will then be wrapped in elastic bandages and soaked in a rich blend of healthful minerals. Bags are placed over your hands and feet to collect the metabolic waste and runoff from the mineral saturation. The bags are emptied every twenty minutes.

You will be re-saturated with minerals every twenty minutes by the technician as your body exchanges the healthy minerals for unhealthy metabolic waste.

When you are unwrapped after an hour, you will feel clean, refreshed and revitalized and best of all you will have lost six to thirty inches!

Come and read our testimonials and you will see that we are commited to over-delivering on our guarantees.